Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Goals - Report

I posted about my January goals earlier this month and the month is (finally) over so here's my report on how my goals went.

  • Finish reading a book - Done and done! Finished Sorcery and Cecilia and it was wonderful as always. As an added bonus, finally finished The 100 Mile Diet as well. Great book!
  • Walk to and From Work Daily - This kind of got derailed when I quit my job, but I've been trying to walk daily anyways.
  • Write Sister Missionaries - The letters are written, just not mailed but I'm checking it off anyways
  • Have Happiness in my Life - Working on it (I think it'll always be an 'in progress' goal). Definitely identifying happiness more that I have. 
  • Finish Crocheting Squares - Not only did I finish the squares, but I finished the blanket. Did not think that would happen. Love it!
  • Weekly Gratitudes in PL - Done like dinner.

How are your goals going?

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