Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Life - 2013 Title Page

Mondays are going to be for sharing parts of my Project Life. Even though it's the 20th, I'm going to share my title page for this first album of 2013. (I'm anticipating three albums, that's what I had last year)

What I did:
I put pictures of my family, my sister and I and then just one of me. Also added an Instax photo of some art I did last year with the words 'do anything but let it produce joy'. Added the date and the four months for this album in shiny stickers. Found a see-thru H which I added since I have a love affair with the letter H. Wrote on the photo of me some stats about me.

What I like:
  • the black and white spotted washi tape (such a fav) and the triangle washi tape (love those colors)
  • woodgrain! (say no more)
  • finally having a photo of my whole family (someone usually is taking it)
  • pictures of me and my sister being so vibrant
I use the black tape probably to much but I love it so. The turquoise sparkle washi is crooked (oops!) I'm glad I saved one of those polka dot cards from last years kits since it's something I think is beautiful. I wish I'd had room to add my one little word - trust - somewhere big instead of just hand written on my picture. Overall tho - it works and definitely is me. 

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