Wednesday, January 16, 2013


taken this past weekend on the ferry - gorgeous sunrise

Watching the last episodes of Haven and Elementary

Listening to my January 2013 playlist (featuring Mumford and Sons, John Mayer, Pitch Perfect Soundtrack and Adele - eclectic right?)

Cooking soups to fill up my freezer - yesterday was chili today I think is potato leek

Waiting for my new iPhone case to come in the mail 

Savoring this time not working, trying not to stress

Working on two crochet projects - big granny square blanket and small merino wool striped lap quilt

Reading Sorcery and Cecilia by Caroline Stevermer and Patricia C Wrede - really old book that I've read a ton but love to pieces

Remembering my one little word every day - trust - comes up so often and pops into my mind for which I'm grateful

Loving my space heater provided by my landlords, my comfy grey sweater and daily yoga

What are your favorite currents? 

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  1. So...I love ALL of the music on your January 2013 playlist. :)