Friday, January 18, 2013

Monthly goals - January

Typically I'd like to post something to do with baking or cooking on Fridays - but this week was a bit odd so I don't have any photos of that. Thought instead I'd talk about my monthly goals.

I'm a huge fan of goal setting and list making. This is something I learned young and it's stuck with me. Pretty much every day when I wake up I go to my Reminders app and make a list of things I'd like to do (after checking Instagram of course!) Sometimes it's small things (like wash the dishes or mail a letter) and other times it's more time consuming (like grocery shop or go visit someone). Sometimes it's a goal that I will need a few days to complete.

This all comes around to making monthly goals. These go into my Project Life at the beginning and end of the month and I want to post them on here as well for more accountability. Monthly goals are kind of like my daily to do list - sometimes bigger things that I'll be working on all year and sometimes something simple I just need to do that month.

I know it's the 18th already, but here's my January goals:

  • finish reading a book - I've been reading the same book for a couple months (no seriously!) so I thought if I put it on here, I'd actually finish the book
  • walk to or from work daily - this goal kind of got railroaded when I gave notice at my job, but I'm still trying to walk daily anyways
  • write sister missionaries - I have a number of friends who are on missions around the world for my Church and I want to write them 
  • have happiness in my life - I'm working on it
  • finish crocheting squares - been working on a mammoth of a blanket and finally finished crocheting the squares, now I'm working on sewing them together (also a giant project)
  • weekly gratitudes in PL (Project Life) - finding gratitudes changes attitudes right?

What goals are you working on for January?

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