Sunday, January 27, 2013

One little word - Trust

Every year Ali invites everyone to select a word to guide them through the year. Last year I chose smile on a whim, did a Project Life journaling card for my opening page and then didn't really think of it the rest of the year. This year tho, this year...

Late December I was thinking about words and this coming year and the changes that I knew were happening. I was all for selecting the word happiness and then just after the New Year I realized that my word has been trust all along. Trust.

Trust my body to heal. Trust my family and friends to support. Trust my God to love. Trust that work will come. Trust that life will be okay. Trust that I will get through this. Trust. 

I embroidered my word onto an old doily the other day and hung it in my front hall so I can see it every time I come and go. I'm keeping my word in the forefront of my mind this year. It's going to be a journey and I'm ready. Trust.