Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blanket Process

After the monstrosity was done, I wanted to find a new project to make. I looked through my pins and found this picture and since I knew I could do it mostly with wool I already owned (my one stipulation) I started planning.


Can I just say it's not as easy to figure out how crosses fit into a space as you'd think. This is version four. I picked out the colors based on the wool I owned and the photo. (What I liked about their version of the blanket is the pinks and mustards together and the two different greys, so I tried to emulate that.)

The colors look great together, don't they? I will need to buy more mustard yarn and a light grey and possibly one more ball of the dark pink, but other than that I'm golden. Which is a great feeling.

The longest part of the process was actually figuring out which granny square to do. There's a million different squares (approx) and I wanted something different from my other quilt without them being too hard or taking too long. After some trial and error, I chose this square. Love that they're still a recognizable square but really classy.

And now I'm crocheting my heart out while watching Smash (which is actually a good show and I'm enjoying it a lot!) I've done 34/120 so it shouldn't take me too long. I was playing with the pattern in this photo and trying to see if it would look good. I concluded that yes it definitely would.

What projects are you working on? 

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