Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Life - Day in the Life

Last week Ali Edwards wrote a post inviting us to do a monthly Day in the Life and I decided to play along. My Day in the Life fell on January 31st (Thursday). I recorded what I did on a sheet and took a tonne of photos in Instagram.

Since then I've been trying to figure out what to do with the photos and words. I finally grouped six pictures a page in Photoshop, printed them and added some washi and graph paper. I wanted something simple but where the photos weren't tiny.

I used two 6x12 page protectors and told the story of my day. I love that I kept it simple and that the pictures were large. (I realized one of my pet peeves is tiny photos in my Project Life). I haven't decided if I'm keeping this format every month - I probably will change it up - but it's nice to see how a day of mine looks.

How do your days look?


  1. Love this. Stumbled across your blog via instagram. Sx

  2. Followed link from ALi's blog. I like the clean look of your pages with the washi tape accent.