Saturday, February 2, 2013

Collections - Mary Poppins Records

One of my favorite movies of all times is Mary Poppins. I'm not even sure why - I love Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, I love the music, I just love it all. My sister and I saw the Broadway stage play last year and it was wonderful. 

(Side note - I've tried reading the book and didn't really like it. Let's just say that Disney took some liberties in their movie. Which I'm hugely on board with btw.)

I found my first Mary Poppins record (the one above) at a thrift store by my house a couple of years ago and put it on my wall as art. Loved it. Then I found another one (the one below) and thought: Hey two is great! Put that one up on my wall as well. Still loved them.

When I found the next one (the one below which is actually a story book as well) I couldn't believe my luck. I arranged them all in a line and thought how wonderful would it be to have four so it could be a square. I honestly didn't think there was another different cover though.

And then my wonderful sister told me she found me something at the thrift store. Having no idea what it was, let's just say I was completely shocked to find another Mary Poppins record. One that is different from the others but still lovely. 

So now I have a square of Mary Poppins records. Love them. Am still on the lookout for more (of course). Also spoiler alert but when I have children, that these records are going to be the central piece in their Mary Poppins themed nursery. 

What kind of records do you like?

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  1. Ah!! I love this! I was so obsessed with Mary Poppins growing up that I wore out my first vhs copy! All of the covers are so so beautiful. I grew up listening to my dad's records, so I could go on and on about favorites :)