Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

One morning a couple weeks back I woke up super early and inspired to make Valentine's cards. This took awhile actually and several planning stages later, these fun hand made cards for my friends were born.  

I watercolored a coffee filter and then glued on a doily ('borrowed' from my ex-job). I was thinking I'd write right on the doily, but then stopped myself (for which I'm so glad). It took me awhile to figure out which paper to put on and how big to make it but finally I hit on this gorgeous red cardstock from my Project Life supplies. Then I added washi tape (obvs!) and some staples. 

I was thinking about glueing sequins down but thought they'd come off in the mail, so instead I cut off some pockets from a slide page protector and filled them with sequins specifically picked to match the other colors. I sewed those right on so they'd be sealed and added a little more washi tape because I honestly couldn't resist! Then voila, they were done!

I found these awesome hot pink envelopes and taped them shut. I stamped my 'I Love _____' stamp and added what I loved about them. So excited for my friends to receive them!!

All in all a fun card for the holiday. Happy Valentine's Day friends!

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