Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making Muesli

I make my own muesli/granola for a number of reasons - 
  • it's super fun/easy
  • if I make my own, then I know exactly what's in it and that it's gluten free
  • generally I have all the ingredients in my house so it's a simple matter of mixing and toasting
  • it's yummy and a quick breakfast/snack I like to keep around 

I use a mix of recipes. Here's a few good ones - 

 I want to try this one because it looks delicious -

I don't worry a lot about the details. So it wants pecans and all I have is almonds - no worries. So it wants honey and I'm using agave nectar - so what. I'm supposed to toast it for 15 minutes and I toasted it for almost twenty because I lost track of time - it's all good. 

To me a good recipe is one I can adapt and I've found that a good muesli is perfect for that. Follow one of those recipes and make your own. Go crazy and make your own recipe. The fact of the matter is that you'll enjoy it either way.

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