Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Photo Projects...

This is going to be a picture heavy post and while I debated breaking this into separate posts, in the end I wanted it all together.

So - my sister and I in one of our crazy episodes decided we wanted to do awesome photo shoots/photo projects. Basically we wanted to create wearable art in a theme and take photos of it in a gorgeous location. So far we've done three. (See more photos on our website - Stone and Berry Productions)

The Last Show - 

Basically the idea sprang out of a circus closing down and evolved from there. Gathered our friends and dressed them in the many many costumes we have (seriously - I have a whole closet of costume stuff). 

We had the typical circus/side show acts - the acrobats, the strong man, the clowns, the bearded woman, the ballerina, the ringmaster. We added those yellow balloons and did the shoot in an abandoned train yard on the rainiest day of the year.

Alice - 

We've always loved Alice and it's such a versatile story with great characters that fit into anything so we set our Alice into a 1980's punk rock band life. 

My sister made these awesome ears for the White Rabbit and we dressed the Queen of Hearts and her royal court in '80's wear with amazing instruments and took them all over the city. I loved the graffiti wall we shot against the most. 

Red - 

I'm not even sure where the idea for Red came from but once it got planted we were off. We wanted Red to be a fighter with a band of gypsies fighting against the Wolf in the forest. Luckily we have many many friends who are eager (for some strange reason) to be in our shoots.

We took the photos in a local park and the sunlight streaming through the trees added a magical quality. And of course our lovely models. We are so excited for our next adventure - Pan!

What shoot do you like the best?

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