Monday, February 25, 2013

Project Life - Process

When I printed off this photo of my new bike Betty I knew right away I wanted to use this pinwheel paper I've been sort of saving. When I have a photo I usually look at the colors and match washi tape and paper to it. (I have a slight problem with matching things - everything needs to go together

I also have this wonderful turquoise fabric paper that is a Love Elsie product (so really really old) that I only use sparingly because I love it and won't be able to replace it. I knew this photo of Betty was worth it. Also I wanted to use the turquoise washi tape with the heart because it works perfectly as well. 

I love how the card turned out. (One thing I love about Project Life is that it's like a million small layouts - so fun!) I do a lot of bunting but it worked with the bike and the background lattice in the photo. I wrote right on the photo too which I find myself doing more and more. And of course, a date stamp in the top left.

This photo of my hands crocheting was predomitely purple and turquoise (as most things seem to be, let's be honest) so I chose some purple and turquoise washi tape and paper. I noticed that there was a bit of hot pink on my shirt in the photo so I grabbed the hot pink washi I have to use as an accent.

It turned out way different than I thought it would in my head, but I still like it. I thought the twisty design on the paper worked perfectly for a card about crocheting. Love that lace tape as well that I got cheap cheap at Michaels. Again love writing on the actual photo - this time with a white pen. 

What's your before and after Project Life process?

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