Thursday, March 7, 2013

February Goals - Report

I wrote about my February goals here and now that the month is over, thought I'd talk about how they went.

  • Take daily foot shots - Done and documented into my Project Life album.
  • Take 2 Instax photos a week - I honestly thought this would be an easy one, but I didn't even take one photo. Fail. I think I'll try this goal again in a few months and see how it goes.
  • Do yoga daily - I definitely tried and even though there were days I didn't do yoga, I'm counting this one as completed.
  • Wash my face nightly - Also something I didn't do every night, but I did it consistently and I did notice how my face feels so much better. Going to keep this up!
  • Finish crocheting squares - Yup - and also finished the entire blanket.
  • Find a job to start in March - Pretty much did - right now I'm subbing at a place and it's going to lead to full time (as soon as the board of directors figures it all out).
How did your February goals go?

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