Friday, March 8, 2013

Home Tour - Kitchen

I feel like I should apologize for this photo heavy post, but on the other hand it's also an awesome post so it's a bit of a dilemma. Instead of a recipe, this kitchen post is going to be a tour of my kitchen, because I think it's wonderful. And it's also a room I spend a lot of time in because I love to cook and bake.   

Above is one of the things that sold me on my place - a large window with a kind of terrarium style overhang. It's gorgeous really and I can't wait to start some herbs and such there. Possibly tomatoes. (Also, yes I know that shelf is bowing - it was like that before I put anything on it and my landlord keeps promising he'll fix it!) On the shelves there's my tea collection, my napkin collection, various smaller dishes and a container with my dish towels and cloths. Love having this extra space.

Here's a close up view of my tea collection. I buy tea from David's Tea and Teavana and some wonderful local loose leaf tea stores and then put it into mason jars. This way I can see it and it looks pretty. I cut out the label and put it on top so I know which tea is which and where it's from.


This is part of my napkin collection. I have been collecting cloth napkins for a couple of years and love love love them. Not only are they pretty but they also are eco-friendly. (According to one friend, I'm a hippy.) Always on the lookout for more.


Right below my window is this metal cart I've had a couple of years that always comes in handy. It's got my garlic and shallots on the top and then baking supplies on the other shelves. Beside it is this gorgeous blue chair I got at a garage sale for a couple of bucks  The suitcase houses my canned goods (pineapple, beans, tomatoes, etc) which is actually my sister's idea. It's great because it looks pretty and saves me shelf space. Beside the chair is my silverware in a vintage letter/bill rack that I painted.

I seriously love a good colander. The light yellow and green ones are bamboo and lovely. The bright yellow one is melmanack and a sweet thinking-of-you gift from my mom. Also possibly the best record ever that I found at a thrift store. One of my favorite artists (Mary Blair) combined with one of my favorite rides (It's a Small World)? What could be better seriously?

I took the cupboard doors off my top cupboards to open up the space more and love the look. Admist the plates and cups I have pieces from my owl and matryoshka doll collections. And of course my gorgeous Pyrex bowls. 


I have a somewhat eclectic collection of dish ware which I adore. Pieces from thrift stores (those white bowls on the right and the red cups) and gifts (the light pink bowls in the back and the Fiesta ware bowls) combined with dishes I bought new (the bright pink bowls and large cream/brown bowls at the back). I realized lately I'm definitely not someone who could have complete matching dishes at all.

Beside the cupboards there are some open white shelving. This is another thing that sold me on my place. Love all the open shelving in the kitchen, especially since I have so many dishes. These house my cookbooks, my favorite Pyrex dishes, my measuring cup collection, some of my scale collection and of course, more matryoshkas. Great that I can see everything. It makes for a happy kitchen in my mind.

I hesitated to put this picture up - since it almost looks like a mess, but in truth it's organized chaos. Or something. I love putting photos on the fridge and having lots of memorbilia. There's fun magnets and photo strips and a ticket to a comedian I went to a couple of years ago, plus a whole set of magnetic poetry words that my sister likes to leave me messages on when she visits.

On the side of my fridge I have this old dish towel I found at a thrift store. I don't really have an affinity towards the year 1969 or Australia, but I love the bright turquoise colouring.

And that's my kitchen more or less. Sure I didn't show you my sink that's often full of dishes or my stove I finally got around to cleaning. Some things stay private. Here's the important and fun parts of my kitchen.

What's in yours?

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