Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Goals

  • see a sunrise - I want to go up to one of the 'mountains' around my city and watch a sunset (with photo documentation of course)
  • create a meaningful morning routine - because I haven't been working consistently the last two months I got out of the habit of a morning routine and became a bit (dare I say it?) lazy. I want to create a morning routine again that has purpose and makes me want to get out of bed.
  • feel comfortable in my new job - I think this will come as I come to learn routines and the children and how this job works.
  • eat protein with every meal - I worry that my protein intake isn't what it should be as I'm a vegetarian and I know from past experience when I don't eat enough protein I get tired and my mood changes. I want to just be aware of the protein I eat.
  • learn to ride my new bike - oh Betty, you and I are going to have so many adventures once I feel comfortable enough on you to take you out on the road.
  • finish striped blanket - working on a gorgeous purple and turquoise large striped blanket and I'd like to finish it this month.
What are your goals for March?

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