Wednesday, March 13, 2013

House Tour - Bathroom

I had so much fun taking photos and writing about my kitchen last week I thought I'd share more about what my home looks like. My bathroom decorating in my last two places tended towards turquoise and orange and I continued it in my latest house. The print above that my sister did called Pillar of Salt is a huge color inspiration. 

I love that all my windows have these great thick sills so I can use them to put stuff on. Above is my onelittleword and part of my globe collection. 

I have a huge vintage suitcase collection (and most are this lovely shade of blue) so of course I had to have one or two in here. That picture is actually a card that my sister and I fell in love with years ago, as well as the coolest wooden mushroom.

My latest love - succulents - and another suitcase as well as some other knickknacks. 

Love this 'embrace messy hair' print I found on etsy a few years ago and my turquoise and gorgeous robe. 

My bathroom is fairly simple but I love it. Just enough color to keep it interesting!

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