Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Project

 I finished my last blanket at the end of February and March was for getting back into work and figuring out schedules and relearning how to get things done. It's April almost. April means a new blanket project.

I saw this picture on a post awhile back and Pinned it immediately - loving those color combinations. I went to Michael's yesterday and got my own versions of those colors. I'm excited because the colors I chose are darker and richer than I usually work with. I love me some pastels usually. 

That rich rust color - love it. The dark turquoise/teal colour - divine. Mixed together with the oatmeal and rose - heavenly.

Spent an entire Psych episode figuring out how I wanted it to look. I decided on 8x8 (which I may extend by one, depending) and then an alternating pattern. 64 squares seems manageable yet fun. The colors are going to be amazing to work with. I'm doing squares of double crochet I think and then laying some horizontal and some vertical. 

A great spring project. What are you working on this spring?

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