Thursday, March 28, 2013

Radio Silence Broken

Above photo taken way back in December of my sister and I 

I actually have no excuses for the radio silence this past week, but I'm back now. Looking forward to this weekend where not only is it Easter and a big family dinner, but my sister is coming home for a bit and it's the new Doctor Who season. (Yes, my geek is showing.)

Here's some random ramblings to take you through the day:

  • I've never seen Inception. I feel like this is a travesty on one hand and on the other I just don't even care. Plus I know the ending, so... In other news, Avengers was my favorite movie of 2012 which is both awesome (Joss Whedon!!) and slightly embarrassing. I'm not apologetic.
  • I lost my favorite earring and am mourning it a bit. Anyone who's been here understands.
  • My Spring 2013 playlist consists of Great Big Sea, the Broadway Newsies soundtrack, Blake Shelton's new cd, the Broadway Lion King soundtrack and John Mayer. (Eclectic enough for you?)
  • It's finally spring and I'm breathing a sigh of relief and trying to stop myself from living for summer. Trying to be happy in the now.
  • This weekend I'm shopping for wool for my new blanket. Spoilers: the color scheme is going to be turquoise, rust and dusty rose with maybe a cream mixed in. So excited.
What are some randoms in your life right now?

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