Saturday, March 23, 2013


A couple of months ago (December) my friend and I did a monthly photo-a-day. Except instead of it actually being a photo-a-day (because sometimes that gets too much) we each chose five days and five ideas for a total of ten December pictures (which we then named #decemberten). It went well, was fun and most importantly, was manageable.

A couple of days ago my friend texted me and asked if we should do another photo-a-day challenge. I agreed readily and this time we decided on taking twelve photos in April (thus #lensofapriltwelve). I made this handy photo and we invited some other friends to participate.

And now I'm inviting you to participate. Take a photo on the day about the topic and tag it with #lensofapriltwelve on Instagram. We'd love to see yours!

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