Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring has Sprung

I've seriously been waiting for Spring for a long time. Like all Winter. And even though it doesn't automatically mean good weather (Spring on the west coast is wet wet wet), there's just this huge sigh of relief that Winter is over.

Seriously I know that sounds melodramatic - but I can remember a scene from a couple of months ago when my mom and I were talking and I said to her in all honesty: I don't know if I can survive until Spring. Winter is hard. But I did it - seems like a major accomplishment to be honest.

*Sigh* Spring is here. 

The other day I was taking my compost out in my backyard and looked up and realized that there was a huge cherry blossom tree in my backyard. These are seriously my favourite. Nothing says Spring here than the miles and miles of cherry blossom trees in bloom lining the streets. Beautiful.

What are your signs of Spring?

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