Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On Books

My parents definitely instilled a love of books and reading into me. I have many many many books (so many that often guests can be heard asking 'Have you read all these?' in seriousness) and I love them all. Lately I've been (addictingly) buying gardening books.

Here's what I'm reading right now (or atleast browsing through):

  • Farm Anatomy - I was literally walking out of the store when I saw this book on the shelf and flipped through it. When I realized I wanted to take a photo of every single page I went back and bought it. Really fun look-thru.
  • Beautiful Creatures - I saw the movie and loved it. Loved it (it's my kind of movie in a nutshell). I bought the book later that week and am really enjoying it. Like most book-to-movies there are changes but I like both 'versions'. Can't wait to read the rest of this series. 
  • Food Grown Right - I picked this up and knew right away I needed to buy it. I like how it's written and the photos and such. A great addition to my growing (hah!) gardening books section.  
  • Grow Great Grub - I've actually bought this book twice (by accident) but that just shows me that I like it. Another great resource. It also inspired the cashier and I to have a great conversation about gardening and reclaiming middle of the street boulevards and such. Love that. 
  • The Age of Miracles - I'll be honest, I kind of expected more. I'm enjoying it but it's a slow read for me. I think at the heart, it's a really interesting premise for a book. I will finish it one of these days.
  • Backyard Bounty - The only thing that's negative about this book is that it doesn't have color photos, but really it's such a great book. I also love that it's written for my (approx) area of the world, so the gardening tips are right for me. 

What are you reading right now?

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