Monday, March 18, 2013

Project Life Monday

I haven't shared many shots of my full finished pages, so I thought I'd share this last week (March 10-16) spread. As you can see above it's kind of mishmash, but I love it. My weekly gratitude card as well as the inside of the card my sister sent with a friendship bracelet.

Used the page protector with all the small pockets (3x4) and then ended up printing some of the photos large enough that I had to cut them down anyways. Still - I like that look so it works. 

A basic week. It's funny how on Wednesday I was worried because I hadn't taken any photos yet that week and then by Saturday I ended up having too many to actually use. Love that because of this project I remember to take photos. Love that I'm able to document my life - that exciting weeks or not, there's still little bits I want to remember. Love this project.

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