Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Collections: Pyrex

A few years ago I had mono and while I was lying on the couch exhausted I discovered Pyrex. And then I quickly discovered an obsession to Pyrex. I feel like obsession isn't even a strong enough word. 

I bought a few dishes off Etsy but couldn't handle the shipping prices, so mostly I just kept my eyes out while I thrifted. Since I frequent thrift stores often, it wasn't hard to get my collection off the ground.

While I have many different sizes and patterns (and I love them all) I find myself loving this pattern the best. The colors are my favorite and the two different sized bowls are super convenient. (If I'm being truthful - the best part of the collection is that all Pyrex is convenient and useful. I use atleast one or two dishes daily.) 

I have about five pieces with this pattern and always on the lookout for more. Always on the lookout for any Pyrex in good shape and for a good price really.

What's your favorite Pyrex pattern? 

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