Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Life

When I first got the page protectors last year (The Big Pack A) I really didn't like the big 6x6 four square design. About half way thru the year I used one and realized I had been wrong - I loved that design. 

Above is a photo I took of my groceries on the conveyor belt. I really liked the green in the photo and wanted to use that as a take off point for accents. Honestly I've been looking for an excuse to use that big 2 tag that I got from Elle's Studio at Christmastime. 

I loved that I used my label maker instead of writing on the tag. Sometimes just before I do something I think: wait - that'll ruin it! (Of course most of the time I don't listen and then do ruin it.) I like my Project Life to be really consistent for colour, just like I like my flower arrangements to be symmetrical. It's a problem sometimes. 

This is a photo of my meal plans for the week or so. I love the red and black in this picture and went thru my stash to look for similar things. I love this stamp I got from jamaica makes last summer but actually ended up not using it for this layout.

To be honest I actually did stamp that stamp down and then decided it didn't fit so I used the washi to cover it up. (I'm a pro at covering mistakes.) I didn't add any words to this other than the 'I heart this' date stamp because I felt it was self explanatory. Used one of the circle badges I special ordered from A Flair for Buttons in the fall that I love and hoard.

How's your Project Life coming?

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